Alif Alif Rasdhoo / Rasdhoo Atoll

Sitting on its own private atoll Rasdhoo Atoll is known as the smallest Atoll in Maldives. Rasdhoo Atoll has three islands while Rasdhoo is the only island where locals resides. A branch of national bank, Bank of Maldives and an ATM gives visitors access to most needed facilities like card payments to all services.

Rasdhoo Island has its’ own private Bikini Beach. 30 seconds away on a boat from Rasdhoo is a dessert Island and two sand banks. Sand bank is known as one of the best beaches of Maldives with full spectrum tropical water display.

Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo was created with a ‘budget-luxury’ exclusive local island experience in mind. Rooms were created to give a realization of a hideaway, while still keeping the aqua marine hint of the Indian Ocean surrounding the island. Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo presents Maldivian Culture outside the room and hotel while the rooms resembles a well contemporary luxury interior.